• Open topic lists to keep a Budget:
  • An open topic list to keep the task clearly visible. You will get alarms when they are due.

  • Mini Budget:
  • To keeps things tidy and simple

  • Bank Loan Repayement:
  • You owe money to someone or tothe bank, see what you owe them

  • Bank Interest:
  • If you have a loan, see what your interest will be.

  • Car Buy vs Lease Calculator Template:
  • What is better: buy the car or lease the car. See it through this calculator template

  • College Budget tracker template:
  • Track your income versus expenses to ensure that you are living within your means with this nifty Excel budget template targeted toward students, but flexible enough for everyone. It's meant to assist college students in managing monthly and semester tuition, books, fees, and living expenses. Total expenses and income are shown on a graph for instant visual analysis.

  • College Cost (2003):
  • Plan your college with this good calculator

  • Wedding Party Planner (2003):
  • A beautiful party at your wedding without the cost worries

Open Topic List / Task Lists

  • Hello Kitty Open Topic List
  • Hello Kitty will help you keep track of all the daily tasks with this beautiful pink Open topic list template.

  • Open Topic List
  • Keep track of all your tasks with this standard open tasks list.


  • Psychedelic
  • Beware if you are sensitive to stroboscopic lights. This is not for you.

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